There are many choices when looking for hardware and, although we do not promote any specific brands of computers or peripherals, we can advise on their choice. Many computers today are furnished with multi-core CPUs and sufficient memory to provide excellent performance for running applications such as a word processor or a spreadsheet and for browsing websites with relatively heavy loads of multimedia including videos.

A desktop is still the best choice for most offices and many homes, but the increasing need for mobility has made the laptop or notebook very attractive. With a wide range of screen sizes, most types of office work can be accomplished on them. Now tablets are increasing the size range and some mobile phones may be furnished with a range of software applications.

When serious gaming is involved or certain multimedia processing software is used, then the choice of hardware becomes more important. This is particularly true of image and video processing and engineering software such as used for computerised drawing (e.g. AutoCAD) and Finite Element Analysis (e.g. ANSYS).

Apart from the computer itself, there is a wide range of peripherals that may be required: a mouse, keyboard, speakers, printer, scanner, webcam, microphone. CD/DVD player-writer,and external HDD. Last, but not least, for desktop computers is a UPS to provide an uninterrupted power supply. Connection to the Internet will require access to WiFi or a modem and router to connect to an Internet service provider. If more than one device is involved, then additional routers, either wired or wireless may be needed.

May we assist with your selection of hardware, or its setup, or troubleshooting?

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