The Transapex domain was registered in 2004 to offer services in Information Technology, primarily dealing with hardware, networking and security for business systems. Other services were offered in the preparation of technical and other literature in the English language. This extended to assistance with the development of web sites especially those with a content requiring attention to technical accuracy, when describing products.  This TRANSAPEX WEBCOM website was formed to provide more details of these services and explore some of the interesting technical aspects and issues that emerge from this ever-expanding technology.

In addition to services in Information Technology, the scope was expanded in 2012, to include engineering consulting offered by Transapex Technology and Engineering.  This included the design and production of industrial products made from composite materials and high-performance plastics including thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers.  Other industrial products include those made from high-performance thermoplastic polymers. Expertise based on decades of experience is available on the choice of the best materials to meet specific physical and chemical conditions. The products considered include pressure vessels and piping. Large tanks and other structures can be checked for their ability to resist wind and seismic loadings. Large diameter pipe can be designed for various installation and burial conditions. Designs can be made to satisfy American, European or ISO standards.

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